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Finishing college and earning that diploma gives you the key to any opportunities. It’s either you buy office attires or go out-of-town to celebrate after finishing the last dance. This is the one single point in life that there’s no way you can be but to be independent and manage your life forever. Just one rule however that everyone need to do: Respect your parents more as they are the reason why you are now free to do anything and because of their disciplinary measures they enforced you since you were a child, you are part of the majority of College students passing everything.

Now how about the minority?

There are three types of the minority student: the dead, acting dead, and waiting to die. Let’s move to the last two types as I don’t want writing stuffs about dead student. Come on! It’s Halloween and I’ll be again left alone in our unit. Please spare me Vishnu and guide all those souls not to march or fly to our house.

Students who are acting dead are the ones who left college because they used all the money for some stupid stuff, men running away from their pregnant girlfriend, or prefer to be a rebel by acting dead and later on blaming the government why they are dead. It sounds very legitimate for me. They prefer to be alone for they cannot face their problems and believing that there is no choice but to isolate themselves to society. They lack the desire to pursue or venture anything that can make their own lives easier and happy. In the end, they will understand that the only key to unlock them from all the harsh things is education. That is why I am unconsciously in college because I unconsciously believe that after I unconsciously graduate, I will unconsciously work and find the perfect mate and so we live happily ever …

People waiting to die are definitely us. But it is not on our minds to sit and fap and wait for the picture-perfect moment to die. Some people bombed college believing that this isn’t life and working early is the answer for dying early. Most of them work but are not devoted to what they are doing. Have you heard of a call center agent who loves to talk to his/her clients? Definitely not. Work at night, talk, smoke, talk, coffee, talk, go home. They are doing this because this is the only thing they can do. Sounds communist to me. That is why working at night is called “graveyard shift.” More legit.

Substituting apple on the desk over headset on the ear is not a great idea. They can study and work because most colleges and universities offer summer classes to make their schedule flexible. You are on the highest peak and then you just raise the white flag? As long as you are working at night for free coffee and working at a fast-food chain for a nice burger lunch, then you just made a great decision of replacing ideas over foods. Not Legitimate for me.


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