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“Why are there more bars around USC-MC than in TC when there are more students at TC?”

At the beginning of the school year, one of the first things I noticed about USC-Main Campus, or downtown campus, was that it was surrounded by several bars. A few of them are Kuerks, which is across the Law building, Mr. J, which is right behind the campus, and Disco Planet, which is beside Land Bank. I assumed this was so because a lot of college students like to go out and drink after their classes, and don’t really care what time they arrive home. After a few weeks of classes and making a few friends, my assumption was proved right.

During those first few weeks, I was able to visit Talamban Campus (TC). I was expecting to see the same sight I saw at Downtown Campus, a few bars scattered here and there, but I was surprised to see that that wasn’t so. All I saw near TC was a Shell, a Julie’s Bakeshop, a few Korean stores and cafes, and a few carenderias and eateries. Although some carenderias and eateries offered liquor, there were no obvious bars.

I questioned this because bars would earn more if they set up near Talamban Campus because there are more students there. My first guess was that there were several other Universities and Colleges surrounding the Downtown Campus like, CNU, ACT, PCGS, UC, and UV. But my classmates informed me that there are also several schools surrounding Talamban Campus, so I tried to learn more.

After a few more weeks in the Downtown Campus, I noticed that it was not only bars that were plenty near the campus, but also banks, such as BPI, PDB, and Landbank, carenderias and eateries, like Pete’s Kitchenette, Jerry’s, Ngohiong King, Wow 15 etc., and more than a few internet cafes. I realized that the reason why bars were plenty near the Downtown Campus was because the Downtown area is an obvious highly commercialized area, with its surrounding areas, Fuente circle, Ramos, Mango, and Colon also highly commercialized areas. These areas are obviously more commercialized than the Talamban area. And so it would be more profitable for bars to set up near the Downtown Campus

Fadhli Bhatkal, BS Econ-Bus
Result: 2.2 Final Grade in Economics


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