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Birth of a wordpress blog

Leaving Blogger and starting from scratch on wordpress, this week was very stressful as I need to deal with slow internet connection (courtesy of Smart Bro and Wi-fi), translating my former articles from Filipino to English, had a hard time picking the right theme and colors for this new blog, and back pains frequently thwarting my exciting moments to write.

The first problem I had was the perfect name for my blog. Using Happy Times Pilipinas again is very long and some of my future posts may not be related to my nationalistic pride. I wanted change and still I like my former blog’s name. Happy Times Today is very different to its predecessor as this blog, aside from the transfer of blogging sites, boasts a different look and another concept for students to have their internet time more “productive.”

It’s very sad to see myself writing in English. I prefer to write in Filipino as so many people knew me as a good writer in Filipino. But the problem is it hurdles me from having more readers. This blog needs to be competitive and in the near future, advertisers penetrating this blog. My main goal for this site is to make this a .com by March and to be the new student hub.

What are the new features of this blog?

1.) New posts every day – In order to keep readers going to my blog, I need to publish posts that can make them keep going back and back and back and…
2.) New Columns – The new columns in this blog are: Campus Chick of the Week where I interview nice girls from different Colleges and Universities, Benefits of Failing College talks about the advantages of flunking college and tips on how not to bite it while Late Run Reviews are series of game and movie reviews focusing on classic films from the 1913 film, The Rose of San Juan, all the way to the great horror movies like the 2004 korean film, Bunshinshaba, to great classic games like Heretic. It’s not too late to review these stuffs.
Rejected Essays is nothing but serious essays of different students. Some were rejected and some garner awards. I just placed the word rejected to make it more humble.
3.) Maintaining the great ones – Articles from Happy Times Pilipinas like this article and Student Blues will still be part of this new blog.
4.) New and simple lay-out – You decide if it is very simple. I did my best to make your blog reading experience great and modest.
5.) Videos to come out soon.
6.) Majority are written in English – Punyeta. May problema ka?

So here you are – the new Happy Times Today! More fun and…well…informative.


2 comments on “Birth of a wordpress blog

  1. dragoonthegreat
    November 1, 2012

    Frankly, I liked Happy Times Pilipinas’ format a little too much, it’s ridiculous. It was one of the very few good blogs in Filipino, and I found it very refreshing.

    At the same time, I do like the brand new concept of Happy Times Today because it is innovative and I believe some of the content in HTP is relevant to readers outside the Philippines.

    Here’s a suggestion. How about posting in Filipino once a week? You don’t have to completely let go of your roots. I think the language itself is what set HTP apart from other blogs and what make it special (other than the content of course).

    Oh and btw, I don’t mean to be such a grammar Nazi (or asshole, whichever term you prefer), but some posts need editing. I guess the fact that you’re posting quite a lot can be stressful, so the minor mistakes are forgivable. 🙂

  2. CB:BC
    November 1, 2012

    Thank you! Posts that needs editing are the ones that I wrote because no one edits my post 🙂 I’m really not that good in editing posts especially mine. We’ll try our best to do it. Sa mga posts in Filipino, para kasing nagiging boring na yung way nang pagsusulat ko kaya tumigil na ako at ako lang naman ang nagsusulat sa Filipino.

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