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Student Blues Episode 1: Sembreak Shitload

Less than a week before our start of second semester and expect the traditional “My Expectations this Sem” and the usual go in front and be a clown. One thing I like about college is everything is still the same but we have now the chance to change ourselves every semester. There is no such thing as transition period in college because you need to do these things as soon as you can. No honeymoon periods and no one is exempted for starting the semester on a low note.

What did I do for the whole sembreak?

Nothing. Aside for planning about this blog and waiting for my scheduled enrolment, basically I didn’t do anything as productive as I was in first sem. I don’t even think that I relaxed a little bit as I kept on sleeping late and waking up early. I just had a Time Management Crisis for half-a-month. Well I cooked fries, shoot videos with my friends, sleep, net, play with cats, and all those usual boring sembreak every college students had.

This blog will be my only inspiration to exert more effort this upcoming semester. Having low grades this upcoming semester is a point of no return for me. If I really want to succeed, then I really should start focusing on worthwhile academic activities rather than those lists of foolish things I did last semester that pulled my grades below.


2 comments on “Student Blues Episode 1: Sembreak Shitload

  1. dragoonthegreat
    November 2, 2012

    You’re boredom has led you to something groundbreaking, my dear friend.

  2. CB:BC
    November 2, 2012

    It led me to pay for more internet usage

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