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Life in a day: The Mermaid Method

Warm greetings to you reader. This is A Day in A Life (obviously). This column will mostly focus on problems faced by you! Yes you, a teenager, and many more like you. So that means no favoritism, no preferences, and certainly no ejaculations! So what are the problems faced by you today? They may include emotional, social, or financial problems.

I myself am a simple teen. If there is a simpler way to solve anything, you can be damn sure to find me doing it, which of course also pertains to it being cheap, because if it’s simple but it isn’t cheap. HELL NO! So be assured that my solutions, are simple and cheap, let me stress out CHEEAAAP.

Any-who, anyhow, anyway, this article will tackle a financial problem. Every teenager, from high school up to college has allowances. And no matter how small or big your allowance may be, you will spend. Again, YOU WILL SPEND! Sometimes it’s like alcohol, you drink (spend) to socialize but in the end, you end up regretting, for alcohol because you get drunk, then you get hung-over and for money, well you just end up with less to spend, which somehow, in my experience makes the teen insecure. And sometimes, the teen ends up wasting his allowance on impractical things because he or she found it “pretty.”

Now this is the simplest way to solve this problem. I like to call it the “Mermaid Method” after my wonderful friend who I like to call Mermaid. What he does is amazingly simple. Sometimes he gets P100 and sometimes P200 a day. What he does is, once he gets the money, he only brings P50. And leaves the rest behind. Why? So he doesn’t get tempted to spend any more. I mean, how can you spend the money that you don’t currently have right? I mean sure, in the middle of the day, you’ll be all like, “I wish I brought that money, I could have bought this impractical object that will not benefit me at all!” But at the end of the day, wouldn’t you want to be looking down at a wallet containing money rather than receipts?

This method can apply to anybody! Simple teens like me, who have ordinary allowances, poor teens who have less allowances, rich teens who have huge and impractical allowances, and rich teens whose parents are too cheap to give them an allowance they think they deserve. No matter how big or small your allowance is, (unless of course if your allowance precisely fits your day to day normal consumption, then this doesn’t apply haha) you can always leave behind a few pesos or dollars or whatever the money is called in your country so that you won’t get tempted to spend it. Leaving the money that you bring the only resources you can spend at the moment.

Everybody falls victim to temptation, unfortunately there is no cure for it, nor is there a prevention. But hell, you can always fight it. In the middle of the day when temptation goes all like, “Hey, buy that, all your friends are buying it why don’t you?” You can go all like, “Coz I don’t have any more money to spend b*tch! Yeah!” And temptation will be all like,


One comment on “Life in a day: The Mermaid Method

  1. dragoonthegreat
    November 2, 2012

    Ha awesome article. I need to apply the mermaid method as soon as possible because Christmas is coming and if I don’t do it, I’ve got nothing to spend on Christmas shopping.

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