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College Chick of the Week: OLFU’s Bijin (Beautiful Lady)

1.Name: Michiko Ching Reyes
2.Age: 18 years old
3.School: Our Lady of Fatima University-Antipolo Campus
4.Course: BS Psychology
5.Likes: Anime, Cosplay, Japanese Food, Video Games, Blogging, Instagram, Japanese Culture, Photography, Cooking, Charity Programs, studying
6.Her Dark Side: Half-hearted attitude in doing a task, being late, not fulfilling the agreement, being irresponsible of other people
7.Dislike: hot weather, noisy jeepneys, flirty (over-friendly) men
8.Recent Award: OLFU mr. and ms. Psychology 2013 (Miss Congeniality)

Happy Times Today (HTT): You said that one of your hobbies is cosplay. How do you prepare yourself and with all that great competitors, what ways do you strive yourself to be more competitive?

Michiko Reyes (MR): First of all, I prepare my soul. I need to remove the entire negative aura within myself. It’s like Yoga session within me, telling myself that I have certain uniqueness. But of course, not being over-confident and telling myself that I can do this. Then I start to choose a character that I like the most and the one that portrays me the best. Internalizing the character by watching the anime series and reading the manga and my next step is to prepare my costume/s and do a rehearsal of my performance. Then in that day, I forget myself as Michiko and live that day as the character that I chose to portray.

HTT: What characters are easy to bring and those that takes time? Choosing a costume is hard but portraying the character is harder.
MR: Yes it’s true that choosing a costume is not that hard. Masarap dalhin yung character na makukulit like Hatsune Miku and Asuka from Evangelion because they’re people who I dream of becoming. Characters that are hard to portray for me is someone like hellgirl. Someone who’s similar to me because I still have my imperfections and I really am shy to show it to other people as I am afraid to be criticize.

HTT: Wow Hatsune Miku. Everyone’s favorite singer

MR: Yes. I love her songs and I even sing her songs in my room but I only sing silently so that no one will hears it. (Laughs)

HTT: You really like eastern culture especially the Japanese culture. These times, it is very difficult to differentiate the hard-core followers of j-culture with those bandwagons. How can people know that you love this culture even before the great j and k culture wave started?
MR: I just don’t love the artists only but also their origin itself. I’ve been so addicted to Japanese culture ever since I was 6 years old because it amazed me a lot how they live so responsible. Kahit hindi nga popular yung mga artists I still love them like Mamoru Miyano, Starish, Rie Kugimiya. I also love their core and their totality even their bad side.

HTT: Do you think our Filipino artists can still compete with them ? And what can make you shift from “extensively” loving the Japanese culture to fully loving out Filipino culture?
MR: Of course, the only thing that varies is that how people perceive the culture of the artists that are being delivered through their performances. Well, maybe more sincerity to the fans and heart of performance is important for me because sorry to be blunt but I don’t feel much emotions on the performance of majority of our Filipino artists that I have watched. Well except for John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo because I have seen how hard they strive to be able to produce amazing films just for the satisfaction of the audience and returning “utang na loob” to the undying support of fans and also I credit to the effort of the staff behind the production.

HTT: How do you manage your time? Stress from school and cosplays, It’s very difficult to manage everything!
MR: Well actually, not only school but I’m also an officer in our college organization and also the section president. For me, it’s a matter of time management and dedication.

HTT: It is still very stressful!
MR: I follow my schedule strictly so that I won’t be having problems and delays. Definitely it’s stressful! (laughs) dati nga bumigay ako sa sobrang stress at umiyak ako sa school but that was my first step to be strong.

HTT: Moving on from stress, do you have any beauty secrets? Baka may mashare ka sa mga girls at sa mga nagdadalagang binata dyan
MR: Naku nakakahiya naman! (Laughs) Well I make sure to always eat fruit every day, take vitamins, and exercise. I don’t usually wear make-up all the time and I only wear it only if it’s required for a task like photo and video shoots or some programs. I don’t usually wear them para hindi masira balat ko. I always use natural facial mask para lumambot ang kutis ko (laughs) then I use kojie-san occasionally. Also, I always use Dove soap to moisturize my skin and lotion. I also don’t stress myself on a diet. I just avoid fatty foods as long as I can but sometimes I treat myself a goodtime to relieve the tension by eating all what I want.

HTT: You know the feeling that people judge you based on what they heard about you. Have you ever been discriminated in your school? And how did you deal with it?
MR: Yes. Almost my entire life. Noong Elem, I was the center of bullying. That’s why I always transfer schools because I was such a cry baby back then and I didn’t have any close friends during my elementary days because of that. Nung high school naman naging awkward ako kasi I don’t know how to socialize at nangyari galing kasi ako sa science high school at nabrainwash ako kaya paglipat ko ng third year naging sobrag yabang ko naman. Nawala naman nung 4th year hs, pero may issues pa rin but I ignored it because they were just petty for me. Nung college, naging parang sunud-sunuran ako sa mga classamtes ko at first because I wasn’t brave enough to stand out in the class room. How I dealt with them? I faced their confrontations and absorbed all the pain and changed what I should change like for my own benefit of course, to improve myself more in socializing with others.

HTT: Michiko, the brave lady ka talaga

MR: (Laughs) Ikaw talaga pareko! Ngayon lang ako tumatapang at matagal na panahon din ako naging alipin ng peer pressure and fear on what will they react about my actions

HTT: Where do you see yourself after finishing college?
MR: Actually I have tons of dreams. My original dream is to be a literary writer and become a script writer sana then I wanted to be a film director, a pro cosplayer, model, and a doctor because I want to help the ones na nasa areas na far from medical facilities at walang pangtustos, and then I suddenly wanted to be an actress well because playing a role of someone else, being someone else lets me experience of how is it to be in other people’s shoes and makes me learn a lot of things and understand people more well. Mas malamang na magtagal ako in the industrial psychology field. Sorry hahaba ng sagot ko haha bigla kasi ako napaisip ulit sa mga questions mo at may narealize ulit ako sa dream ko actually parang sumuko na ako kanina…but because of some people and especially your request to feature me in your blog, the fire within me started to burn again to reach my dream, that is to be an actress.

HTT: and our last series of question. Is Ms. Reyes single or taken? 🙂 And what attributes do you find a man very attractive?
MR: I’m still single! (Laughs) Gusto ko parehas kami makakapagtapos, established, decent attitude, matured, the world doesn’t revolve around romance only, realistic but not too antagonistic, a perfect match for me, good looks syempre (Laughs). I think lahat naman gusto ng ganito, especially I want either someone with a mix of chinese or japanese. But right now, wala pa sa isip ko kasi I definitely want to reach my dream first.

Follow her at twitter.com/MichikoIshita
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