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Float Downstream

Eyes closed and the hidden power of your mind unleashed. Seeing a kaleidoscope world and hearing Beethoven as his music makes you float and orchestrate objects near you. You feel that you are in a fictional world with nothing but happiness and rainbow colors.

Wake up.

You are not dreaming.

Can you see me?

Wake up.

You are high.

You are now a young adult and you can do anything as long as you have the money and the guts to take it. Believing that taking drugs is part of college experience and it’s time for you to take and stimulate the demon inside you. The only thing different from you is you can take it but that’s not part of your college experience for you have already left college to experiment the whole world.

You’re just there lying on your bed and trying to do productive without standing up. You just took a drop of hell and feel Mr. Demon greeting you to the gloomy world. Swirl of colors popping in your eyes and meeting your favourite [insert musician who took drugs]. This is world! This should be my life! After your great experience, you cannot control yourself and wanting that acid to feel your mind.

Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.

All your life you have been lonely and this new found world is your new community where everyone understands you. A moment in your life where happiness is just a drop away. Even though the “initial capital” for this unique kind of happiness is way too high, you do anything just to feel this colourful happiness. Name it: using your savings, stealing and other stuffs to make you productive in this new world you are about to feel.

Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void.

It doesn’t mean that they felt that acid and you should also deal with it. No one pressures you from doing it. You see that the whole world is doing it and you’re one of the last guys who haven’t done that psychedelic experience. You don’t need to because there are lots of ways for you to have a friend and to be happy. Happiness isn’t just a drop away to feel that; you need to exert efforts to others for them to make you feel happy. You cannot escape the reality that being happy and contented are ways for a life to be productive and valuable.

If someone pressures you, believe first in yourself and do some study about that. Well, you don’t need to study and hear a second opinion if someone offers you these illegal substances. Say no after that tempting offer! They are talking to you not because they want to comfort you but they want your money. They will first give it for free but as soon as your body is itching for more, then that is the time where they won’t be caring for you anymore and wanted to get your money as soon as you beg for more acid. You’ll see soon that they are happy because they are rich and you’re broke and cannot afford the substances that make you happy. Game over.
Wake-up time.


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