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Dear Mr. BCG,

This is yourself 20 years before you attained all the success and failures you have now. I’m currently writing you this note to make you aware that I’ll try hard to do everything today so that you will be successful and be contented on what you have. I hope that you are doing fine and have a nice family. I wish that you still have the passion to write, finished a Masteral Degree, and now earning a huge salary.

I’ll share you my story if you ever forgot this day. I just created a new blog and today is the start of the second semester of my first year in college. I wasted my day waiting for professors to show up in our class and just played computer games with the Tropang Jerry’s just to burn time.

Stay in shape and never stop dreaming and fulfilling it. I will meet you 20 years after I wrote this and we’ll be together as a single person. We shall wrote a reply to our past and cherish the days I had yesterday and today.

See you soon, BCG.

Sincerely Yours,


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