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Dreaming while Facing Reality

Being a Parent means being able to give and show the abundance of love, care, respect, and joy to his/her child; the best and practical way to show it is to support his/her own child by giving them their daily needs and by doing so parents should have – money.

But what if THAT parent is still on the verge of his venture on his life, a mere college student, a dependent son to his family, and an unemployed citizen?

Would he still have the chance to pursue what he has instilled and dream about his life?

I know people always want to play the role of a Judge, stating things that they seemed to foresee the life of THAT parent and comes to a conclusion that always end to the doomsday of that person. How about putting you on the same shoes of that person, I think you’ll feel the very feeling he/she has felt during those dreaded times.
I might say that I have some knowledge about this, for my older Brother has exactly this kind of story line.
A conservative family like ours and many out there – having this kind of situation – means a stain in their Pride. The pride in which they sustained and built for years to foster, and by just a stain it went down to the trashes.
A son/daughter having been oriented in this manner and have this kind of situation will sure have a lot of discrimination and uncertainties on his/her life.

Nevertheless, I dare them to stand up and never give up. It was just simply a choice that they made, given the fact that they have accepted everything what they have chosen and didn’t regret about it. As long as they’ll do their best to atone those past actions a choice will never be wrong and also it doesn’t mean that we’re vested with rights to insult them.

As for us people if we’ll keep on insulting them – worst case scenario – they’ll end up helpless and may do suicidal acts/nervous breakdowns & etc. And for people who’re the subject of the article may you have the mind of a rational thinker. Make every possible choice you make the best that there is.

Do you know what’s so disgusting about their lives? It’s the people making malice to present problems that should be solved not to make it bigger. Let me leave you with a quote from my Brother, “A person’s life is made up of 30% – parental guidance, 10% – peer pressure, and lastly 60% – the CHOICE you make.


2 comments on “Dreaming while Facing Reality

  1. lala1966
    November 11, 2012

    I like your positive attitude!

    • CB:BC
      November 11, 2012

      thank you! 🙂

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