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If going to college will squander your time and you really take as gospel in your proficiency as an innovator, then why waste four years of your life if you can be successful in an instant? If you really believe that the money you should be putting for education is more valuable in investing your own business, then why in the world would you not try it?

There are quite a number of people who skipped college and later on went to become one of the richest in the world. If you have the burning desire to do the impossible way of standing up with the giants of the business world, then do it because no one will halt you. But if there are a number of people becoming very successful by skipping tertiary education, then why are not everyone follows their footsteps?

That is why we can number them for being relatively few in terms of deciding innovation versus education. They have the money, desire, and a great mind to start right after their decisions. If lots of people decided to “innovate”, then we would not be having Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Disney and Ford. Innovating will only end if you stop dreaming and comparatively of those who skipped college tend to surrender after failing on their first and second attempts. There are no instant millionaires in the pool of the geniuses. It took them time to and hardships to become what they are famous for today.

That is why I chose to stick in college and cherish my four years in injecting new ideas that can make me succeed in the near future. It would be hard to be part of the innovators but the only thing I want to be in my later life is to have a decent job where I can feed my family and give my kids a good education. There are lots of shortcuts in life and most of them are full of dead-ends. Everyone has the chance to become one of them but only a few have a vision for their market. It’s just not about money and fame. The most ideal way is to make the most of your product in just a small time.

Success is neither ensured nor bound by a college education. It is only through sheer will that one can achieve greatness.


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