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Debugging: Love Bug

Change is inevitable, change is the only constant word, and change is blah blah blah. The word change sure does have many meanings but concludes to one – the dreaded non-alteration – The Final Outcome. We know for a fact that anything changes; even the single-tiny atoms do split and change. Whether we like or not, accepting the outcome is the only way and making these mistakes as foundation for the next trial.

How about in love? Surely, everybody has gone to pins and needles because of it. How do we rise up from being shattered? How to maintain your pride? And many more – are the questions pertaining to this point of our life. Let me be your guide on this matter for I may not consider myself as an expert but I have once tried to fall and shatter. May this list helps you and may be useful to you. Let’s us now begin and help ourselves.

1. Avoidance – the first in our list (obviously); in the state of recent break-up, the BEST way to get hold of yourself is to part your ways with your ex. Remembering everything from your past will lead you to total disorientation. Thus, it will lead to suicidal acts. AVOIDING the problem makes it not a problem to you but a problem to others.

2. Recondition – do the best that you can to regain your old self back. Find leisure times with friends to help you keep busy. Seek time to attend family and friend matters. Never allow yourself to be alone. After months of reconditioning you’re good to go. A tuned engine can run a thousand miles more than before.

3. Moralize – reflect on the things that you’ve done (just don’t dwell on it for too long for it might devour your thinking) decide on what should be corrected and what should be improved. The more you realize your fault the more you think maturely. Knowing your mistakes means knowing how to erase weaknesses.

4. Adjust – having a relationship that has lasted through years and ended up in a split second would be devastating. Her life made yours a difference when she entered your life and when she exited. The reality has set its place, that your “treasured” someone has already been dug up by someone. Liking it or not will not change anything. It’s time to stop thinking about her and ADJUST.

5. Initiate – DO IT NOW. Don’t wait for tomorrow to come, procrastination has its way and it will find you. Think what to do and ACT right on.

6. Neglect – if your past keeps on bugging you to have another chance. NEGLECT them, why would they want you back if in the first they left you first. Simple isn’t it? Don’t be stupid enough; you’re just making things difficult even it’s too easy. And lastly;

7. Enjoy and love once more – there is nothing bad to love again, just be sure to pick the right one; not by just her physical appearance but also the beauty within. Enjoy and be merry for life is the only thing that lasts for us. Live the life you wanted it to be. If plan A didn’t succeeded use other more letters, there are 25 more.

Someday I know that you could and would rise up again. The only hint is, “to help your own self.” Love always pass and go but Life starts and ends, know there difference and their worth.

Well now, our venture is only up to this juncture. May you have the intellect on what to do and what to decide on

“Never be irreplaceable, because if you can’t be replaced you can’t be PROMOTED.”


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  1. mangtas
    November 19, 2012


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