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Life in a day: Prostitution Mini-debate

Hello Reader! Here is yet another “A Day in a Life” article, made for you! In this article I want to talk about an issue that indirectly affects us teenagers. While I was at class a few days ago, my Economics teacher mentioned legalizing prostitution. At first, I was insulted by the idea. I was raised a devout Catholic, and was taught that pre-marital sex is one the gravest sins you can commit. And plus, even if you aren’t a Catholic, if you believe in morality, you would be insulted too.

But then after a debate with one of my classmates, “Mermaid,” I was able to see the economic side of legalizing this foul practice. Here is the actual debate conversation we had.

The Prophet (Me): Mermaid, if we legalize prostitution, immorality would spread. Would you want our country to be known as a country who has given up our principles and given in to immorality just to boost up our economy?
Mermaid (M): Dude, yes prostitution is immoral, but it is being practiced anyway! If we legalize it, at least we would know who these people are. And of course the government would be able to regulate it. Plus, crimes in our country would decrease, and when this industry grows, more jobs will be created.

Me: How can the government regulate it when it grows Mermaid? Who’s to say that the private sector wouldn’t want to have their own prostitution business? It will all fall to the same thing. The government legalizes it, the industry grows. The private sector will want to be part of the industry. So the government allows them to create their own p-business, under their “regulation” of course. But there will always be illegal happenings Mermaid. What if the p-businesses begin to trade? Wont that be human trafficking? By legalizing this crime, therefore no longer making it a crime, you’re going to increase existing crimes, or worse, create new types of crimes.
M: But dude, it wouldn’t be called human trafficking anymore, because we’ve already legalized it. The industry will ONLY be under the government. It won’t let the private sector get its hands on it. The industry will only grow only to a point where the government will allow.

Me: You don’t know the power of the private sector Mermaid, and you put too much faith in our government to “regulate” this type of business. They’ve been trying to regulate and distribute our farmlands for God knows how many years and has there been any major progress that they can boast about?
M: Well I don’t know about that. But immoral or not, prostitution is already being practiced. I think the best thing to do now is to legalize and to regulate it. And whether our government will be efficient in regulating it or not, at least the benefits would be obvious.

Me: Yes, but the consequences are inevitable.

I did understand what Mermaid was trying to point out. And all of which is true, once we legalize prostitution, more jobs will be created, crimes will decrease, and our economy would grow. I’ve also heard my other classmates and schoolmates agreeing to it; therefore I think I’m the odd one out. But I can’t help think that, they’ve focused too much on the benefits and overlooked the consequences. But I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong; I am after all the odd one out.

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2 comments on “Life in a day: Prostitution Mini-debate

  1. anonymous
    September 12, 2014

    How can legalizing prostitution create more jobs and decrease crimes? This reasoning just doesn’t seem logical nor does it seem right to me. I guess that the whole world’s gone mad as everyone seems to want to justify wrong actions by making them legal from drugs, abortion, euthanasia, to gay marriage, prostitution, etc…

  2. Junias 1st Century
    September 13, 2014

    Interesting article here. But let me ask, would you want to be one to contribute to the growth of the economy? Not to mention as I have had sex ed class here in Australia, and wearing condoms do not guarantee that you would be protected from sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis. I still view prostitution as a lucrative business like gambling. Come to think you would get much money – but would you also want the crabs from your unders? Sorry for sounding so crude but just consider if not the morality aspect, the health and emotional well-being of the individual involved in it.

    You would also have to consider why in the first place these women (and also children) would enter in such a low brow industry. In the first world countries, yes they are regulated – and the people in it go to this by CHOICE. They’re not as driven by desperation as the ones over in the Philippines where poverty is very rampant. And yes, it is reasonable to doubt that the government would even be able to regulate illegal activities as it cannot even clean up its act within its political system.

    I am a Filipino have lived in Cebu for 14 years until I migrated over here to Down Under aka Australia in the mid 2000s. Having lived in two cultures has enabled me to widen my perspective of all sorts of issues that permeate the world today. I have much compassion for the people back home and wish that I can do so much more to help improve the lives of many suffering over there. And on the issue like this, if Philippines were in a better economic standing like some of our neighbouring countries like Thailand and Malaysia, if I were to choose what job I’d take, being a prostitute would still be at the bottom of the list.

    Even in a very secularised country like Sweden, prostitution is illegal. Women involved in it are vulnerable as the industry predominantly sells for men. One can still argue that it is a form of violation against human rights as it involves buying the life of a human being for their exploits. If you have to legalise it, the government better charge very huge fines on people buying sex from the workers, and who knows because of this high demand and then being made to fine big to get some, it might also create another underground industry for another alternative…who knows that there would still be a slip in those cracks if you know what I mean? And the cycle just goes on and this does not necessarily solve much of our social problems in a large scale.

    I apologise for the long post, but this caught much of my attention and felt the need to respond. Thank you if you ever stream this comment whoever the moderator is of this blog.

    Here is the source article on the ban of prostitution in Sweden: http://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2013/dec/11/prostitution-sweden-model-reform-men-pay-sex

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