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How can you achieve greatness if you always compare yourself to others? You’re different. Why do you want to be like them when you can be simply be as yourself?

College life is not easy as it seems. There are lots of temptations that you have to face: partying, drinking, smoking and many other more. Problems on the other hand won’t just run out, especially when exam days/week is coming. You’re lucky enough if the teacher[s] decided to postpone the test or better yet change new date. Well two days for a week is set as a “Student Study Day”, but there are some teachers that don’t give students a time to study or spare a day just for student to study (rude right?). This is the time when the problem of “Wanting once self to be somebody” sets in.

The minute you receive your score from the exams, you immediately start comparing it to your classmate’s scores, which I think what most students do (and what I do). When you’re done matching each other’s score and suddenly realization hits you that you among other students got the lowest score. When this happen you start to alter your usual study habit, you begin to study hard, writing down notes and listening attentively. These changes are not bad, it’s better than good in fact, but knowing that you only did this because you want to be like “that guy” is not good. It only shows how not confident you are or how low you think of yourself.

You should do these things not because you want to imitate somebody else, but for the reason that you want this for yourself not for the others. It’s not wrong to look up at someone. Having inspiration gives you the boost of energy to do things correctly, because you’re afraid that they might laugh or start talking about the mistake you’ve done.

It’s not them that you need to surpass; it’s yourself that you need to beat. Hold hand with them while racing, and when you both reach the finish line, you’ll just come into your senses that, it’s yourself that you need to surpass not them. Quit comparing yourself from them, because the more you do, the more pressure you put to yourself which leads to failure. If you think they’re superior, smart, taller so do you, but if you think you’re gorgeous or handsome, well maybe you are but not quite (or maybe not!). Never look yourself too low. It’s just that they are already blessed [successful] with so many things at a young age, while you are just starting to be successful [blessed]. You’re already blessed in fact; you’re just too busy comparing yourself from others which made you blind to see what you already attained/achieve.

“You’re BRAVER than you believe and STRONGER than you seem, and SMARTER than you think.”

-Christopher Robin to Pooh


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