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College Blues I: Liberated Priest

I don’t usually write stuff about my interest and my life. But being an inspiration to a large number of students gave me the guts to start sharing my not-so-unique life story in this emerging blog. I didn’t became this successful person without hindrances blocking every path I wanted to take. I was once tempted and has been the temptation to my friends. But I don’t want to finish this life without doing something nice to me and to my family; that’s what urged me to try and give my best to punch every blocks and run to the top of this long climb.

My “very interesting” life started way back my high school days. I am a product of public elementary and high school and we graduated early in high school because of gangs and riots happening at our district. Our place was and is still known as the haven of all gangs and criminals and our school had no choice but to give our diploma as early to prevent deaths happening inside and within the vicinity of our campus. In order to make my “long summer” be productive, I took aeronautics for a while and learned how to fly small planes. I was on our final period and the next step is for the commercial plane course. I was under 18 and prohibited in flying this large-type of planes. I was frustrated but this was not really my first pick to what I wanted to be.

I really wanted to study either at University of the Philippines or at Ateneo de Manila University. But my cold war with my father, who pays for my education, was the reason why I didn’t become an Atenean and ended up studying in a college known for intolerable students and bad campus surrounding. I f*cked up my first year in college with girls, bad friends and alcohol rounding up my whole freshman life. I really didn’t mind flunking my first year as a college student. I believe back then that bad colleges produces bad students. A concept that is too arrogant and to stupid to be told.

After a disastrous college start, I opted to transfer to a nearby college which has a great record in terms of academic and good graduates. My new life in this new college wasn’t hard because I’m relativele friendly towards anyone that I will like – especially to beautiful girls. Professors really gave me a hard time just for me to attain high grades and be disciplined on everything I’ll do. I always excel on our Theology class and my teacher noticed my good grades I had on his subject. He wanted me to became a seminarian and have a new life as one of them. But I don’t want to be second to St. Augustine as the saint who was a drunk pig before meeting the Lord. Only the calling of God will let myself enter the new and holy life.


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