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Letting go of your dreams by James Herrera

Is being in love great, amazing or just unexplainable? Feels like you’re floating in air whenever you see the person you loved, right? But how about loving someone who doesn’t love you? Feels like hell, is it not? Love is one of the most powerful emotions that a human has. Love can destroy or build, either way it’s all up how it will affect you.

Destroy? When love is not handled right it can so do so much more than destroy your future. Let say, you fall in love with a girl; she’s humorous, drop dead gorgeous, nice, friendly, etc. so with the assets she have you easily fall for her, you would do everything just to please her, see her smile, make her laugh and so much more. But for her you’re just a “friend” or just someone she knows. After knowing this you started to forget your feelings toward her, but it just won’t. So you did every possible way just to change her feelings for you. At this moment you’re starting to forget other person who loves you, even yourself or even do stupid things, kill someone because you found the person you love in the lap of someone else, steal money just to buy her expensive things and many more. Obsession would be the right term to use for this situation. This would happen to you if you lost control over your feelings. It destroys.

On the other hand it builds in a way that you’re inspired to do everything in the right way, because you don’t want to displease the person you love, which in turn made you a better person. Also you start to dream big not just for you but also for the person you love. One of this is you want to be rich for you to buy your dream house, cars and so much more, so you study hard just to achieve this.

But loving someone who doesn’t love you, would it build or destroy you? Well it builds and do a little bit of destroying if you just handled the feelings correctly. But when you are starting too moved on, which is the hardest part of forgetting the person you love. However moving on is not that easy to tell you (I’ve experienced this), it’s not easy as erasing an unnecessary scribbled words in your notebook or book. It’s more than that, it’s like a complex math problem, and you already knew the solution just can’t obtain a right answer. Nevertheless, the moment you achieve this you would become a better person that you used to be.

“I Love You is not I Love You, without YOU

-James Irvinn Herrera


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