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I’ll just mesmerize the beauty of the night sky. Be with the stars and its constellation, feel the cold of the night, and glance the moon’s never-ending guide for the hearts of those who are lost. You are like my Alpha Centauri: you’re so near to me but it feels that it’ll take me light-years to be with you. Two egos clashing and forming nothing but a vast space of emptiness inside my heart. It seems that even I make my own rocket ship, your planet of happiness will still be a miracle for me to reach it.

Stargazing to forget our immaturity. We’re college students and the start of a new year should be the trigger for us to grow in to the ideal man and woman everyone desires to be with. Feels like our immaturity unites us to build our own death star; the star that will hinder our uncertain future. I hope that everyone, especially me, to change and mend few dark spots in our life.

Having a private conversation with the stars to forget our diminishing culture. Who needs college education, nice future, happy family, kids going to a nice school and with a great circle of friends if you have an unlimited number of swags? Seems like swag is the trend of people surrendering to the void of uncertainty of life’s direction. Why would one’s poster or stupid way of thinking be the ideal choice for you to follow? Come on, You Only Live Once!

Feeling the breeze of cold air to soothe the pain and stress from our college life. Positive thinking and visualizing a nice life after all the hardships and troubles we will encounter on our different paths. What we have is an advantage and incentive for having a nice family and following the path of becoming successful on later years of our life. It’s better to succumb in defeat after a hard-fought battle than just to lay in bed and avoiding the much-needed problems and temptations for us to handle mightily. Life is not always Milk and Honey for us to just daydream beneath the ever-watching sky. We will forever be the Little Dipper trying hard to accomplish Big Dipper by finding shortcuts in our way.

“They say that the world was made for two. Only worth living if someday is loving you.”

–Lana Del Rey (Video Games)


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