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Daily Prompt: A suitable place

“Now it begins, let it begin
Cleanup Time
Hey, cleanup time
Cleanup time
Well, well, well”

A messy place makes me both anxious and cranky. I need a clean and organized living environment at all times. If I see that my place is like another section of our city’s dumping grounds, I immediately stop whatever I’m doing and try to make my place suitable again for human habitat. I keep everything as organized as possible: my room, my bag, and even the folders and documents of my netbook. I don’t really like my netbook filled with useless files or documents which I won’t be needing anymore. My netbook is not an extension of my storage room!

One problem about me is that I tend to leave my house so messy. Folding bed not folded back to its original shape, pillowcases in the kitchen. and unwashed dishes. Sure that it’s very ironic for a person that values cleanliness but always leaves the house dirty. I’m always late for my early morning class and that, for me, is the only reason why my place is on a state of calamity. But I make sure that cleaning is my number one priority when I get back to my place. 

I’m a man who has a large visions for society. But how can I clean and eradicate problems within our community if I can’t clean and remove the dirt of my small place?

“However far we travel
Wherever we may roam
The center of the circle
Will always be our home
Yeah, yeah, yeah”

-John Lennon (Cleanup Time)


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