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The day they set my friend on fire by Ayrton Braga

It was just me and my buddy, Fred.

Chilling like we usually did in his comfy shed.

It was a regular Tuesday and we were hanging out.

Unfortunately, the town was experiencing a major drought.

Now, insufficient water made people a bit insane,

The lack of hydration totally messes with your brain.

So a group of punks came down,

and for some reason, the leader was dressed like a clown.

The clown-punk told us to hand over our juice,

if not, we were in for some painful abuse.

Fred stood up, but before he could speak,

the punks grabbed him and his arm, they would tweak.

Suddenly everything went dark.

Occasionally, I would feel a painful spark.

Then the blindfold came off,

What I saw made me cough,

The punks had set Fred on fire.

My buddy, Fred, was TOTALLY on fire.

Fuck, that escalated pretty quickly…

Written by: Ayrton Christian Braga (BSBA, USC)


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