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Good day to all graduates!

It’s a pleasure to be back to the school where I learned how to value simplicity. Leaving this school and finishing high school is still not the end of your journey. You are still climbing the mountain and you haven’t completed paving your road to success.

Way back my senior year, I was a new student and it was also my first time to enter a public school. Life for me for the first few weeks were very hard: Understanding your dialect, meeting new faces, the horror of “introduce yourself” in-front, and waking up at five in the morning again. But time flies and this school embraced me to be part of this family.

I will never forget that day when I overheard my adviser telling my other teacher that me, being a new student, don’t deserve a spot in the star section. It wasn’t an insult for me for I take it as a challenge. A challenge that earned me more respect to my schoolmates and to the teacher who said that I don’t deserve to what I have that time. I became a leader, had a high grades on quizzes, and tried to infuse everything I learned to improve myself. From that, I learned this five great lessons for me to share to you:

1.) We don’t deserve anything at the start. We need to earn it, strive daily to improve each others, and make sure to be humble on every accomplishments you will get.

2.) Do not criticize the Government on why we have a deteriorated education system. Never blame others on your shortcomings. Make it as a challenge and as an incentive of doing good so that I can graduate easily and leave this deteriorated high school system.

3.) Be with those who don’t have. I have been through to one of the best private schools in the Philippines and I get the chance to mingle with the rich kids. What is interesting about them is their humility and it is sensible enough to do it anywhere I go.

4.) Graduating doesn’t mean the end of your learning process. School and your daily experiences will be part of your continuing learning process. And please, be also a teacher to those who are searching for answers and wanting to gain experiences. This is one way of giving your extra thoughts and most importantly, you gain +1 experience points.

5.) As you leave the walls of this school, be with the society that works hard to help our country attain its growth. Be productive and proactive as life will only be hard to those who are lazy and arrogant. Ask the right questions and do tasks with all your heart. Get the job that you will love and never conceived a hatred to anyone.

I hope that I will see you again and strive that someday you will be here in-front inspiring more student-graduates. Happy Times!


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