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I know that I haven’t blogged as frequently as normal lately as well.

Taken From: http://carlarenee45.wordpress.com/2013/04/07/beyond-my-friends/

Destiny really takes me to words I can describe myself as a blogger. My life became so hard especially during the final term of our college semester. Those forums, quizzes, and loooooooong examinations really pushed me beyond the limits of what I can do as a HUMAN. The one affected aside from my after-school social life is my blog.

Another great reason why I haven’t blog lately is that I have no wonderful story to write! I have this great story but when it’s time to write it on this blog, it fades instantly. I don’t know what’s inside my brain but it’s sure it really is pissing me off. Well, why on this world will I blame myself?!

Due to decreasing readers for the sole purpose of they haven’t read anything new here, I decided to start writing again to capitalize my free time this summer. I’m expecting more audience to read the product of my cruel and creative mind. Unless…

…my writer’s block will hit me again…



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