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Three Chapters of Door 10

Weekly Writing Challenge: Through the Door

“The door to your house/flat/apartment/abode has come unstuck in time. The next time you walk through it, you find yourself in the same place, but a different time entirely. Where are you, and what happens next?”

Chapter One: TARDIS

9:30 in the morning. Yes, they are winning. The rise of the intense afternoon heat is doing everything to remove the nice breeze of morning air out of its path. Living at the highest floor of this apartment sure has some benefits and lose-lose situations.

When did some of your best (or worst) memories take place?

Best memories always takes place when I’m with my loved ones. I’m standing outside my unit’s door and I’m trying to reminisce the good days when friends and family comes to visit me. I will never forget when this child below my unit helped me when I had this high fever. He gave me foods to eat even if I have the capability to cook, brought his gaming consoles to my house so that we can play, and had a plan on buying pizza. My mind is still occupied with the question if we really ordered pizza on that day. Seems that my mind has some problems reminiscing moments I had before.

There were times when this unit was a refugee camp for my drunk mates, a small canteen for my hungry friends, and a love hospital for some buddies who wished to be loved and tried to be loved but failed. Success and failure made this unit one of the most memorable places in my life. This is the place where I wrote my only 1st place essay, started my blogger and wordpress blogs (Happy Times Pilipinas & Happy Times Today), downloaded so many torrents, and this place gave me the hope that someday I can improve my life.

Chapter 2: Stateside

11:15 AM. What a I can see to my right a new high-rise condominium, to my left a very nice big house where I always get free wi-fi connection, and to my middle is our compound’s mascot, an always hungry cat. Another cat appears wanting to get in my unit. I let this little fellow go inside my unit. It roamed for a couple of minutes and went outside. Very interesting.

Image Curious cat is curious

“Do you feel passionate about a certain historical period?”

Thoughts are inside my mind if what will happen to us if the Americans didn’t colonize our land, Will our society be the same? I don’t know about it but them coming and other colonial powers back then helped in forming a unique identity that you can’t see on any other parts of Asia. Liberated Catholic country who likes the freedom of electing incompetent leaders.

The biggest setback of past colonialism is that in some parts of this country, people prefer to speak in English than in our National Language, the Filipino. They find someone speaking Filipino amusing. Filipinos still cannot differentiate the tagalog dialect to the Filipino language. Anyone who’s Filipino is the first language tends to be called as a Tagalog. I’m a victim of that wrong branding of ethnicity. People don’t know that I’m a Bicolano (people from the Bicol Region).

Now back to the American-infused Philippines. Life will really be so hard without them. Being called as a misplaced latin country in Asia, I guess without America, our life will be full of guerillas and coup d’ etat. I really don’t know the whats and the ifs if our history was changed.

Chapter 3: Had a few

Do you have any regrets? How would you change the decisions you made if so?

I still regret my days when I could have studied so hard back in my elementary days. I chose to be that easy-go-lucky guy studying in one of the top-tier schools in the Philippines. I prefer watching basketball and the rise of our collegiate basketball team rather than to allocate time for proper studying. I only study days before our quarterly examination. The rest? Naah. Let Batman decide my future.

I also regret some life decisions that I don’t want to share. I should have been matured enough to handle those days where I have to decide my future. I hate the fact that I hurt lots of my loved ones just because of my lame and selfish decisions. This is the result of everything and I’m glad things turned out very well. Thank you Batman. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na…



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