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(This article is dedicated to a friend of mine who is experiencing this phenomenon)

“Infatuation is the state of being completely carried away by unreasoned passion or love: ‘expresses the headlong libidinal attraction of addictive love. Usually, one is inspired with an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone.”

– Wikipedia

Carrying on with the “Love” topic my co-blogger started, I believe that this state of mind is rampant with most human beings, especially the Young, Wild, and Free.

Recent events that I have seen have pushed me to write about this. I’ve seen friends becoming infatuated with numerous people, and even people losing their lives due to infatuation. I, myself have also gone through being infatuated to certain women. (and never to men, sorry to those who love to put captions on their photo albums saying that I like men)

To be frank, being infatuated feels good actually. It’s more like being high on LSD without taking it at all. However, like LSD, it does make you do crazy things unconsciously. Makes you do things you aren’t supposed to do, or say things that you aren’t supposed to say. And the effects of it are either good or bad. Depends on how you handle it.

If you are fortunate enough, you may be able to get the person you are infatuated with. However if you are a descendant of “Bad Luck Brian,” and end up being “friendzoned,” then you’d have to face the ugly truth of infatuation.

Crimes of infatuation are getting worse and worse every year, and they’re getting even more gruesome. You may think that these people are just complete idiots, but they are willing to do everything just to satisfy their infatuation. They would even dare to take away an innocent person’s life due to infatuation.

So please, if you are infested by the demons of Infatuation, maybe praying the “Prayer to Take Authority” would help you.

And please control your raging hormones. Save a life.


5 comments on “Infatuation

  1. philip469
    May 11, 2013

    love your blog

    • CB:BC
      May 11, 2013

      thank you! I like your photos about winter. How I wish our country has a winter season like yours.

      • philip469
        May 11, 2013

        well these days you can make a income off blogging so keep blogging and learn how and you’d be able to travel everywhere working from your computer

      • CB:BC
        May 11, 2013

        we’re still in college. We are planning to monetize our blog but we really don’t regularly post articles here. It’s summer here and we don’t have any class so this is the only time we can post articles every single day.

      • philip469
        May 11, 2013

        yeah but you don’t even need to post everyday people do it part time hours if it interest you I send out free updates on ways of making money by blogging

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