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My JOB after college

Good day to all readers! It is around 10 PM here in this republic that I tenderly oppressed, skies are dark (obviously), not too many clouds, beautiful starry night.

Now here is a letter that was sent to me via email. Such technology is beyond my knowledge, so entrusted my disciple, CB:BC, to send me the email. Here is the letter:

Fullscreen capture 5112013 24354 PM.bmp

The Real JOB,


As-salami Aylaykmen!


By reading your message, I have noticed that you are very much older than me. And I have concluded that your wisdom surpasses mine, but I shall give you my advice nonetheless.

It seems that you know exactly what you want. Your plans are solid, and you are confident of yourself. This is obviously good. I have researched you on almighty Google and have seen many of your pictures and noticed that you truly are a lover of beauty but is at the same time very practical.

You should tackle what you want to tackle my dear friend, if you plan to work for the public, for this great Republic, then I advise you to do so. If you plan to tackle this wonderful habit of yours (photography) while waiting for the government to accept you, then I say do it.

Your future as far as I can see, is good my dear JOB. Do not waste yourself with the wants and tastes of others, but what YOU want, and what YOU crave for.I think I have met you on a past life my dear friend, and I will make an assumption that you have a strong personality. Use this, you have already built a strong foundation, as you graduate, you will begin to face new challenges as I am sure you are anticipating, do not falter, do not give in, face them head on, which I am sure that you will find easy to do with your unique head and all. Always humble yourself my dear friend, as one of my disciples once told me, wa ching chang ding pa ma ling ling. It means:

“Pride will take you as far as you can see, but humility will take you places you’ve never dreamed of reaching.”

That’s all.

And would you please do me a favor my dear JOB? Will you please send me a video of you singing the “Despicable Me 2 trailer” song before you graduate?

God bless you my friend! I hope this article proved favorable! I hope you share this wonderful experience with your friends so that I can give more advices to our dear Filipinos. Now I can continue with my scheduled nightly “hand relief” before I sleep.

(Want some great advice from me, the great prophet? If so, email me at happytimespilipinas@yahoo.com.)


One comment on “My JOB after college

  1. sheenahsaliseilustrisimo
    June 19, 2013

    I’m smiling as I’m reading this for you have that strong kind of personality.
    You have that values and intellect which I’ve seen you applied it. Well, it’s such a blessing for everyone to have someone who thinks maturely. And I’m happy for that. God bless you Bryant. 🙂

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