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10 Greatest Filipino Senators of all time

I am writing this the day before election day in the Philippines. A right rather than a mandatory, registered Filipino voters go to their respective voting precincts to choose the leaders they want to institute reforms and to continue the economic winning run of this country.

To be the inspiration, I gathered data from the official website of the senate of the Philippines, biographies, and from the Philippine free press, to list down the ten senators who made a big difference during their tenure as a statesman. I might surprise you with my list, especially I didn’t include someone who is regarded as the catalyst to the new Filipino freedom, because I chose senators based on what he has done inside the senate building and not what he has done while he was elected by the people for a senate seat.

To begin with, here are my honorable list. Worthy to be included in the top 10 but not as great as the one I chose to be part of this list.

Arturo Tolentino (1957-1972; 1992-1995) – Father of the Philippine “archipelagic doctrine.” Became the 9th vice-president of the Philippines during the Marcos Administration for just nine days (February 16, 1986 – February 25, 1986).

Pedro Guevara (1916–1923) – Worked tirelessly for the approval of the Tydings-McDuffie Law which would establish the Philippine Commonwealth and eventually its independence from the United States of America.

Neptali A. Gonzales, Sr. (1987-1998) – Enacted a law authorizing the President of the Philippines to exercise powers necessary and proper during a national emergency; “Witness Protection, Security and Benefits Program; and a law providing for synchronized and simultaneous national and local elections beginning 1995.

Benigno Simeon Aquino, Jr. (1967-1972) – The face of the martial law and his assassination became the turning point to led the people to the People Power Revolution. His trademarked “fiscalization” tactics at Senate against the Marcos administration had made him a darling of the media.

Let’s begin with the countdown by clicking here


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