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5 Worst Philippine Mayors

Filipino netizens are very disappointed on why millions of people voted for incompetent people. It seems that you only need a good choreographer and the bread to run a nationwide campaign rather than excel in oratory and talk about their platforms. We really don’t know if these candidates who were born with a silver spoon can really manage to lead and do something that can change the landscape of their constituents.

Most of them really failed miserably. If you were a public servant and failed to do any productive ideas, it’s the people who lose and their future becomes uncertain. With that, here are the 5 worst Philippine mayors.

5.) Jose “Nonong” Ricafrente (Rosario, Cavite)


In office: 1992-1998; 2007-present

The Rosario, Cavite  funds dwindled down because of his unnecessary projects, like repainting the whole town from blue to ugly green, hiring lazy people as metro aids, and a videoke in the middle of the plaza.

4.) Jejomar “Jojo” Binay (Makati, National Capital Region)


In office: 1986-1987; 1988-1998; 2001-2010

Makati City is the business capital of the Philippines and with the large tax it collects, it is very surprising to see roads with potholes and still they cannot give solution to the flooding problems. Business only thrives within the business district and private sectors are the only ones who strive to beautify the nation’s financial city.

He released 230 million-peso worth television infomercials from 2009-2013 using the Makati Foundation Day funds, printed comics for his vice-presidential campaign amounting to fifteen million pesos, awarded security and maintenance services to sons-in-law, seven (and counting) rest houses obtained during his term as mayor, and other allegations

With him as the current Vice-President, son succeeding him as the mayor, and a daughter just elected as a senator, we can clearly say that the voters had just created a new dynasty.

3.) Joey Marquez (Paranaque City, National Capital Region)


In office: 1995-2004

Newsbreak counted at least 28 such cases filed against Marquez from 1992 to 2003. This makes him the only mayor of his time to have been slapped with charges of graft and abuse of power practically every year in his 11 years as a public official. Marquez was vice mayor from 1992 to 1995. He was elected mayor in 1995 and has since been reelected twice.

COA’s annual reports from the time he became mayor in 1995 show that Marquez may have mismanaged Parañaque’s financial resources. Each year is marked by findings of unaccounted disbursements, disallowed expenses, and unremitted collections. And each year, COA’s warning went unheeded as the problems remained unchecked and the amount of money involved only got bigger.

Roads with potholes and garbage was usual everywhere.  Wooden fences were installed in middle islands instead of fences made from steel. It was during his time when you can see Paranaque with dark and gloomy street at night during the Christmas season. Christmas decors were scarce or if not missing. If there were in fact decors, you can be sure that it was cheaply made and is rather tasteless.

2.) Jessie Castillo (Bacoor, Cavite)


In office: 1998-2007

With insensitivity to resolve the waste disposal that made Bacoor looked like an extension of Smokey Mountain and traffic situation worsened that could have been prevented if only he had a political will. Taxpayer’s point him as using their money to install huge billboards with 1/4 of it allocated only for his face! They blamed him on using it for personal uses rather than having their roads renovated and to create new livelihood programs. He even had the guts to run for congress during the 2004 elections!

He made the headlines on 2007 after ordering the closure of the local police headquarters and confiscating all of their dilapidated vehicles and radio equipments. Because of his actions on February 7, the National Police Commission (NaPolcom) ascrapped Castillo’s operational and supervisory control over the local police force and was charged of sedition, grave coercion, graft and corruption, abuse of authority and violation of the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for government officials and employee.

Mareng Winnie Monsod, on her radio program, received a text message regarding how Jessie managed Bacoor. “If only we have the right to impeach mayors, we would’ve impeached Bacoor Mayor Jessie Castillo due to his incompetence!”

1.) Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Emano (Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental)


In office: 1998-2007; 2010-2013

-Constantly evades criticism by passing the blame onto his opponents and anyone who looks at him funny, believing that ALL acts against him are “politically motivated”. Yes, even if it’s just an accident or from angry citizens, he would still moan on his radio show that his political opponents are after him.

-Allowed street vendors to do whatever they please (loiter around busy streets 24/7 and litter), and even had them notify him whenever someone wants them off the streets.

-Uses black propaganda to gather support (once had his supporters post in public a news article on a political opponent, and then blow it out of proportion on his radio show that it’s the worst thing his opponent has ever done).

-Constantly “absent” from court hearings (read: ignores any summoning by the court) to hear any testimony from him.

-Destroyed an important dig site by building a bridge on it.

-Fired employees who do not agree with him in the slightest or who is discovered to be a supporter of his political opponents.

-Was responsible for the many deaths of Sendong due to ignoring past weather predictions and refused to evict homeless from danger-zones.

-Believes that a terrorist attack is only considered as such if it involved more than 5 people killed.

-After Typhoon Pablo in 2012, he refused to accept a death of a citizen (who died DURING the typhoon) in order to take the credit of making the city “casualty-free”.

-Is actively involved in illegal mining, which is also responsible for the Sendong flood.

-He ordered the painting of major constructions like fly-overs and bridges in purple (which is his favorite color; purple symbolizes royalty and arrogance. A fitting description) in order to maintain the illusion that he is still “in charge”.

-He is a heavy smoker, constantly violating the “no smoking” rules anywhere, even in city hall.

-Ordered to dump all bodies of the Sendong victims at a landfill because “There is no other place for them”.

-Transformed Cagayan de Oro from City of Golden Friendship into City of Barney and Friends by painting the whole city purple.

He paid the price on 2013 after losing to his challenger, former Misamis Oriental Gov. Oscar Moreno by a margin of 17,000 votes. To add insult to injury, he even lost in his own polling precinct – Gusa Elementary School. Dongkoy respected the outcome by telling ABS-CBN news that the people have spoken and there is nothing to do but to respect their voices.

And just like the typical election-novela, Vicente Emano filed an election protest 12 days after the election! And his reason? ““Kung ako lang ang masunod dili naman lang ko anang protesta-protesta pero ang mga tawo nga ania uban kanako mao ang nag-aghat nga magprotesta gayud (If I could have my way I don’t want to file a protest but the people who are with me are the ones who have convinced me to do this)”

(Updated on November 9, 2014. First published on May 13, 2013)



58 comments on “5 Worst Philippine Mayors

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  3. DeeJay
    January 3, 2014

    Glad to see Dongkey being on THE WORST list. More people should know about his atrocities even after he’s no longer the mayor, like secretly smuggling away millions of pesos during his infamous “suspend me” drama.

    • Brod N Arms
      November 16, 2015

      Political propaganda yan kay mudagan si Rufus

    • Anne Mae
      November 17, 2015

      You do not even have a proof that he is smuggling millions of peso away. Your comment is the classical way of destroying someone’s reputation without evidence at all.

  4. DeeJay
    May 6, 2014

    Update! Add these to Dongkoy’s info:

    -His infamous “suspend me” drama of January 2013, where a supposed “suspension order” filed by Mar Roxas would be enacted. But later turned out to be a hoax later traced to and created by Emano. It was also during this time that Dongkoy secretly smuggled millions of pesos.

    -He has unliquidated cash advances that amount to 150 MILLION Pesos.

  5. naruto
    November 7, 2014

    kulang pa yan kang dongky kong…there is still soooo manyyyy

  6. adave
    November 7, 2014

    Ordered to dump all bodies of the Sendong victims at a landfill because “There is no other place for them”. -pinakahate jud nku ni..giatay lang jd sya

  7. drew
    November 7, 2014

    How about the mayor of Inabanga, Bohol. The family is running the town for years and it is getting worst. The municipal is not progressing only their pockets.

  8. Jecky jecky
    November 7, 2014

    Nothing are worser than those people who voted these vultures. Behold them for creating these monsters.

    • Marilyn
      November 8, 2014

      tinuod gyud. when will we ever learn?

  9. CeeDeeOhh
    November 7, 2014

    Wheres the top 10 worst Governors? cant wait for the list 🙂 hope Oca is included

    • Mark Jester Paqueo Vuelban
      November 9, 2014

      tao kang dongkoy? ayaw pud paila ui.hehehe.

    • rkauwhsqhuwgshskh
      November 16, 2015

      Amina nlng daghan nag dugang2 ug makita ang kabag.uhan kung si oca nag lingkod hahahah emano nag dugay nlng wla tawoy kabag.uhan hahahahii

    • RGE
      November 16, 2015

      Basin maapil pud si Dongkoy sa worst Governor

    • Anne Mae
      November 17, 2015

      He is definitely included. He should be included in the worst mayors in the Philippines but the writer of this post is obviously biased.

  10. cornelis sandy rijskamp
    November 7, 2014

    and made away tens of millions Sendong donations, it’s still unaccounted during his stint in City Hall.

  11. anymosity
    November 7, 2014

    People voted them. Again and again. I don’t know who’s more to blame.

    • animosity
      November 7, 2014


  12. freddytiu
    November 7, 2014

    Davao ‘s Best with Best City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte!

    • Alicia Dejos Demecillo
      December 20, 2014

      very true

  13. Nap Garcia
    November 8, 2014

    Let’s post the BEST / TOP Mayor naman para maging modelo ng iba 🙂

    • CB:BC
      November 8, 2014

      walang problema yan. kung may top 5 ka icomment mo para may idea din ako 🙂

  14. Oscar Emano
    November 8, 2014


    1) MAYOR OSCAR SERIÑA MORENO: June 30, 2013 to Present

    >Right after taking over as mayor he renovated his office, the city accountant’s, the city treasurer’s and developed the infamous DUAW PARK to the tune of Php10.M of DONATED funds of which he has been asked to account but until now he has not accounted it like listing the donors etc. etc. and against the advise of DPWH that the DUAW PARK will be affected by the MEGA DIKE project funded by JICA. Indeed the following month the developed DUAW PARK was demolished to give way to the DIKE. In short he engaged in COSMETIC PROJECTS taking to the backseat the basic needs of the city.

    >In August 2013 he started the REDEVELOPMENT OF GASTON PARK without the basic requirement of a PUBLIC BIDDING (which is now with the OMBUDSMAN for investigation).

    >He also purchased for himself a LUXURIOUS TOYOTA PRADO worth Php4M

    >In 4 months time he spent Php1.1M in meals

    >In 6 months time he also spent Php2.0M in radio and tv airtime in violation of COA CIRCULARS

    >He built OVERPRICED school buildings almost twice the cost of DPWH & DEPED

    >He usurped the power of the City Council and Appropriated various savings by a mere executive orders.

    >He was given DAP FUNDS in Dec. 2012 and March 2013 worth Php61M (just months before elections) but until now he could account in detail & in writing the whereabouts of this fund

    >COA Annual Audit Report for 2013 revealed that the MORENO ADMINISTRATION in the Province of Misamis Oriental has not liquidated Php140+M of CASH ADVANCES.

    >Lately he went on a JUNKET TRIP to Norfolk with 12+ persons/officials on his entourage.

    >And many more to be detailed in the next post…WHO CAN BE THE “MORE WORST” THAN THIS ENCUMBENT MAYOR MORENO OF CAGAYAN DE ORO.

    • Idontcare
      November 8, 2014


      *it is redundant to say “more worst” when worse or worst is already the superlative

    • Teresa Duhaylungsod
      November 8, 2014

      We all know All mis or politicians are in for the money theu corruption. Pero
      Mas Taas ang list sa coa and dilg para ni dongkoy

      • Anne Mae
        November 17, 2015

        You do not even have an evidence to what you are saying. Clearly you do not know the law.

      • Bong
        December 13, 2015

        Paita pod ani

    • ProudKagay-anon
      November 8, 2014

      For sure, Maka “Emano” ka. Putting our incumbent and present mayors in the top list is also putting the whole city into shame. Why not uplift the city instead of pulling down the leaders who are currently governing the citizens of the City of Golden Friendship.

    • sos
      November 8, 2014

      lumba ra man mog dinaotay .. undangi na ninyo ! maypag magkahi-usa mo para sa syudad sa cagayan dili kay libak nimo nis oscar libak pud nis oscar kang dongkoy .. wa may mapili ninyo pariha ra mo! pareha mo worst!

      November 9, 2014

      Just because you are related by blood by Dongkoy?

      • toy
        November 16, 2015

        klaro ra kaau ka alipores ni donkekong

    • Mark Jester Paqueo Vuelban
      November 9, 2014

      aw mao ning mga tawo ni dongkoy na igo kaayo ngetz. ge lang maka recover raka ana.hehhehe.

    • Vanessa
      November 9, 2014

      Hi! I was just curious of where did you get all these informations with figures. If these are all true and if you have evidence you may report it all to the right office or agency who handles this cases. By then I will believe all these alledges. thanks.

    • Marko Viter
      November 17, 2015

      Hi Donky, kinsa man pud ang #2, #3, etc.? Ingon ka new list, tiwasa ba. Letse! hehehe

  15. malas koh
    November 8, 2014

    nganu wa man ma apil si inaki zubiri dinhi? tanawa ra ni mao syudad nag tingkagol sa way asenso! 15 ka tuig nani sila sa position mga zubiri puli2x lang pero hangtod karon waaaaaa gyuy asensong nahitabo!

  16. Itoy
    November 8, 2014

    How about top 10 stupid philippine Voters???

  17. knowmeifyoucannigger
    November 8, 2014

    I am gay and I am pround of it! I was Marquez staff during his time and I’ve got a taste of him when he was drunk in the office. And it happened for many times whenever he is drunk. And I’ve enjoyed it.

  18. Beth
    November 8, 2014

    OMG is this where our taxes go? Nabuktot na si Juan dela Cruz ug trabaho tua ra diay sa mga kawatan nga politicians nipaingon ang iyang hinagoan. We better not pay taxes.

    • lizzie
      November 10, 2014

      Pag hiusa kamo tanan Filipino .get rid of bad public officials. Kana c donky ingon na iyang kalidad dili gani ka pabor nya get rid ka niya

  19. rosk d roots
    November 8, 2014

    How about Lanao del Norte, if you travel from Iligan City to the Province puro butas ang daan nakakasira ng sasakyan. Saan napunta ang pera ng bayan, butas ang daan puno ang bulsa bingi ang taynga, bulag ang mata… kawawang taong bayan

  20. boooom!
    November 8, 2014

    @oscar EMANO: who could be more worse? no one else comes close to dongkey..try to read and compare the original post from what u have written..we as voters should keep in mind that an ideal politician does not exist (or if it does, its very rare) and that what we can do as “wise”voters is to choose the lesser evil..in my own view, cagayan de oro city has become a better place to live in since the takeover of mayor MORENO..developments can clearly be seen in almost every part of the metropolis rather than putting up lots of gay bars! lol!

    • Anne Mae
      November 17, 2015

      There are late bloomers. There are also people who realize late. Cagayan de Oro City boomed during Emano’s time. Then during Moreno’s term, no improvement(except for the nginhas cogon traffic control) and not even let let ajinomoto pay the exact tax. WORST MAYOR EVER. Good thing he is now out of the position.

  21. dina eturma
    November 8, 2014

    khit na npakalupit nya, strikto, at kung minsan sinsabing hindi mkatao! look out marikina bgo xa mawala sa pgkamayor nito.. npakalins disiplinado ang mga tao dhil sa pgpptupad nya ng mga ordinansang epektibo para sa knyang syudad. kyo na pi humusga !! subukan nyo bisitahin ang marikina nung panahong xa pa naninilbihan bilang alkalde..!!!

    November 9, 2014

    I-apil ka Dongkoy ang notorious nga PISO-PISO nga alang sa mga ‘kabus’,

  23. Ronald bullecer
    November 9, 2014

    Dapat i post ang mga bayot nga mayors

    • dongkey
      November 10, 2014

      #1. vicenta emano

  24. boie conrad dublin
    November 9, 2014

    A candidate needs money to fund their campaigns..thus, it is but right (according to them) to recoup expenditures through whatever means..fair or foul. Of course, this does not apply to all those aspiring for public positions. However, there are those who run for public office with a profit motive…

  25. voctoria marciano
    November 11, 2014

    haaaaaaay mga bugok…ang suporter sa pikas nakig away sa suporter sa pikas…Way politiko karon nga maayo oi…mao nang pinaka realidad diha…kay kamo nag botar kay gitagaan ug kuarta…ang maayo buhaton maghilom kay inyo gihapon na sala.

  26. YamamotoTakeshi
    November 11, 2014

    Politics Politics Politics

  27. vicky omane
    November 13, 2014

    ex-mayor vicenta emano is not only philippine’s worst mayor, he is also the world’s worst mayor in the world. Kagay-anons open your eyes sa iyang pagka “TAMPALASAN”, don’t forget Sendong, he has pocketed millions of donations, and just thrown dead sendong victims to CDO garbage dumping site. He’s a demon or a demonyita!

  28. Abby Dy
    November 17, 2014

    Same lang yan sa mga companies na pinagtratrabahuan natin. Sino ba mga nagiging supervisor? Dba kadalasan yung mga taong hindi gusto ng mga employees? Kadalasan kasi sila lang ang merong guts mag apply para sa posisyon. Yung mga karapat dapat na mga tao, ayaw kasi sumali sa politics ng kumpanya. Parang ganyan din sa government natin. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing ika nga.

  29. ol'man
    December 9, 2014

    let’s not be fooled one other time too many. remember Donkey Emano lost in 2013 along with 80 million from his corrupt coffers (less than a million each small barangay and over a million or more per large barangay). when he runs in 2016 he will double that amount. so if he wins, can you imagine how much more corrupt he will be in order to recharge his corrupt ass.

    • Bong
      December 13, 2015

      Asa man diay niya kuhaon?

  30. John Paul Crandell
    November 15, 2015

    Please visit http://www.socialchanges.info and help us keep those in office accountable.

  31. aredeca
    November 17, 2015

    Why not do a list of mayors who become rich during their tenure? Questionable wealth…

  32. Keiros (@KeirosDragon)
    April 2, 2016

    April 2016, and Emano is still a HUGE JACKASS.

  33. daretofail
    June 16, 2016

    d ako makapaniwalang isinama nyo ang mayor na rosario na si mayor nonong. dto nako lumaki sa rosario cavite at sya na ang the best mayor na nakilala ko… nanalo sya ng legal na paraan dahil gusto sya ng mga tao dahil sobrang matulungin sya sa kapya nya. grabe ang naitulong nya sa mga mamamayan ng rosario.. yun ngalang kahit anung buti ng tao marami paring “nega” ant makasarili sa paligid…

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