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Why Filipinos should hate our Biology Teacher

We live in a biosphere that we share to other species of animals. To further ease our way of living, we humans innovated and invented things that now define the characterization of modern human-beings. One innovator whom I personally met is our biology teacher. He innovate the usual boring science class by infusing – get ready – sexual-related topics to our three units of biology lecture. Our professor is a guy that lives in a predominantly Catholic and conservative country: The Republic of the Philippines. We, conservative and hardcore novena-fanatics Filipinos, should rebel against these demonic and immoral teachings of this guy.

Why? Because we are conservative and we should live by that. But our conservatism stops when our favorite soap opera starring two gay characters is being shown, a local indie movie about gay zombies is released and during elections.

Why Elections? Because during the 2010 presidential elections, this very conservative country in Southeast Asia overwhelmingly voted a candidate who is from the Liberal Party.

This is a country that cannot tolerate couples French kissing in Rizal Park but is fine with their children watching on-screen flaming bed scenes. A nation that still brands sexy actresses as daughters of Satan but feasts on celebrity sex scandals. Well, well, well, this isn’t a conservative country at all!

 But hey, enough reasons to dismiss why we are not a conservative country at all. Our focus should be on how we should denounce this professor. He is wasting our P7,000+ tuition for Christ’s sake!  He is brain-washing the poor souls of Carolinian students! He is…

Well, if we can endure (and burn CD to other people) a trilogy of university sex scandals, by means we should just exonerate our teacher. After all, he’s making difficult Biology lectures very easy for us to deep throat..er.. cum swallow..er…digest.

“unsa may makaon para mu dako imong oten?”

(What can you eat to make your penis bigger?)

– Biology Teacher


(He is a great and approachable teacher. Simply the best!)


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