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This blog, Happy Times Today, is a collection of different topics ranging from college life all the way to music reviews. This blog is maintained by 4 young bloggers who has a deep passion in writing.


CB:BC – The administrator of the blog that facilitates the publishing and editing. He is known to writing in Filipino but chose to write all-English now in order for anyone to easily understand. His articles are usually about College life.

The Prophet – We call him prophet for he is half-Syrian. His articles is about teenage experiences and how we should deal and cope with all things.

JRC – Articles are all about unbiased and spicy opinions ranging from government to his feelings to the moderators of this blog.

Mr. POLSCI – The only Political Science major in this blog. He is the marketing man of this blog and writes posts about the environment of our system.


The concept of blogging started on 2010 by CB:BC. He created a facebook page, Bedan Plus Online, which is all about stupid fiction mini-novels. As his desire for fiction writing decreased and his capability to write editorial soon inspired him to form a break-away page, Shitload 101. More people became aware and transferred Shitload 101 to a more spacious blog-hosting website of Blogger.

All his blog posts in blogger was all about current events and situations. A new way of writing soon changed Shitload 101 to Happy Times Pilipinas while demoting Shitload 101 to be a column of HPT. The arrival of more writers became the turning point of the blog’s popularity. Soon there was plans of turning this to a .com domain and the need for a more new and simple look that we cannot find in Blogger. Thus, Happy Times Today in wordpress was born.

The difference between the two (HTT and HTP) is the later focuses on academic life while Happy Times Today is a diverse blog that has different subject written by different authors. This is a more matured writing of the authors and this is one way to improve their styles of writing.

You can still visit their former sites at:


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